May’s Topic: Post-loss Revelations

May's topicPost-loss Revelations by Tara Shlimowitz.

3 Responses to “May’s Topic: Post-loss Revelations”
  1. Casey B says:

    I could write much more than a few words on what Chris and losing Chris taught me. (I’ve done that twice, though, so I’m not going to go there again for now. But the latest loss taught me something, well, it is teaching me something. Sometimes loving somebody means you don’t have to agree with everything they choose to do. This has been a really difficult learning curve for me, since I lost a friend to anorexia in January. I don’t have to agree with her thinking, but I do have to respect what she felt she could and couldn’t do. It’s caused a lot of anger for me, that I’m still working through, but everything boils down to this for me. Love doesn’t mean you have to agree Just show respect, and all will be well.

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