Enter Our Poetry Contest with Heartache to Healing

'With malice toward none. WIth charity for all.' - Lincoln, this photo was snapped in downtown Philadelphia.

This July Trauma to Art is teaming up with Heartache to Healing for a poetry contest. For many of us there are several hurdles between inspired ideas and putting pen to paper. The first barrier perhaps is writing something we are proud of and something that means something to us. When I wrote the poem below (and I am new to poetry) I thought about my journey through grief and what I hoped for others. I went from using we to you to a first person narrative. I picked first person narrative because I want the reader to receive these words and keep them. My first version was a big ol’mess. My last version isn’t perfect but it makes me happy. Creating it brought a bright smile to my face and that’s what it’s all about. Simple as that.

The second barrier is a big one: sharing your inner inspired words with the masses. It’s hard to put yourself out there to be judged. I like to think of it like this: if my poem brings one person some happiness that’s more valuable than the negativity of a million. I love the creation of others far more than I enjoy my own creation. So you know you already have one fan. I am honored that JoAnne Funch (@JoAnneFunch), founder of Heartache to Healing, asked me to be a judge in this contest. Promoting creative expression is something I whole-heartedly believe. I can’t wait to read the inspired words of the brilliant Trauma to Art and Heartache to Healing readers.

Deadline is July 31. Guidelines and prize info can be found here.

My First Poem
My First Poem



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