Staying Happy & Healthy Through Grief

Being Healthy Through Grief

In The Role of Health through Grief, t2a contributor Rachel Levitin chronicles her health and wellness path after her father’s death. Her piece is brutally honest and inventively hopeful. This line, “What works for me might not work for anyone else. But maybe what I tried can help you generate a few ideas of your own,” inspired this month’s topic: Staying Happy and Healthy Through Grief.

Where is the connection between healthy living and the grieving process? Everywhere.

Treating your body well is essential after a loved one dies. Now that I have made the most obvious statement in the world, what should we do about it? There is no draught of diet books, articles and
suggestions out there for eating well and exercising.

Let’s focus on the positive. All of these options are available to us for the picking. We know eating well and exercising makes us happier, gives us more energy, helps reduce our stress levels and best of all sets a good example for everyone around us (especially children). There’s no trick. It requires hard work so when picking a plan, we have to select a workable one.

Your assignment: Please comment below and share any quotes, tips, personal stories, books, articles or advice you’ve found helpful in staying healthy. Please be respectful of one another’s comments.  

T2A Community Objective: Support, inspire and encourage one another. 
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