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My mother and I celebrating the holidays together in 2002.

Welcome to Trauma to Art (t2a). My name is Lauren Muscarella. In 2006 I lost my mother to breast cancer. Through my journey of grief, I’ve learned a lot. Two things stand out. 1. The relationships with your family and friends are truly what matters. 2. Sometimes expressing yourself can be a challenging. It’s scary. It’s unknown. Writing, painting, drawing – these things are for everyone. From Rembrandt to paint by numbers, from Shakespeare to scribbles with no topic sentence, creating is liberating. It’s therapeutic. Every time I read a contribution for t2a, I learn something new about the human condition. I’m excited to see it grow and evolve.

Personally, I’ve found understanding the struggle of others helps me to work toward my life goal, which is to look to the world with empathy and compassion. Simple. Noble. Hard as hell.

Check out my blog, MamaQuest, there I blog about my journey through loss. Take a gander. Give me your feedback.

3 Responses to “Blog & Creator Info”
  1. mike says:

    This does not correctly link to your blog:

    And you should link the blog post to your evite/Tara’s b-day. More traffic. 🙂

  2. J Mehl says:

    Found this site through your link on the balance gym blog… Art is wonderful therapy.

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