Post-Loss Revelations

By Tara Shlimowitz Getting older is underrated. Well, maybe not every aspect. But time and experience allow a person to appreciate and understand more. Take, for example, my recent encounter with some home videos from my childhood. At my request, my mom found and passed along three JVC camcorder tapes, which my kind and tech-savvy … Continue reading

Trauma to Art’s First Fundraiser in Washington, DC!

On April 20, 2011 tons of sensational Washingtonians came together at Coppi’s Organic Restaurant (1414 U St. NW) to show their support, eat delicious Italian creations, drink fabulous libations, and hear t2a contributor Rachel Levitin sing live! NBC 4 stopped in to cover the event as well. Picture to the right. Watch the story here. … Continue reading

A Non-Artist’s Art

By Lauren Muscarella When you go to a university to study art, you are tasked with accurately depicting what you see in every medium. You must train your eye to see what is really there and not what it “knows” is there. Staring at an object and trying to draw it can be revelatory experience. You … Continue reading

April’s Topic: Drawing’s Healing Properties

Watercolor by Maggie Sylva

Trauma to Art is growing and evolving. I could not be more excited about the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy because of it. One of the amazing things that has come out of this endeavor is that I get to spend a lot of quality time with my … Continue reading

A Way to Stay Healthy and Give Back

By Rachel Levitin Some people lose weight when stricken with grief. They can’t eat because of their constant state of depression. Their grief-ridden minds have stressed their body to a point where meals aren’t eaten on a regular basis and the recommended caloric diet isn’t met. I had the opposite problem the year that my … Continue reading