The Song Becomes the Prayer: Commemorating a Dear Friend with Music

By Casey B. Each of us has some degree of choice in the way we spend our trigger dates. As I’ve written before, (Casey B.’s Tell My Story) there are two major ones for me: the eighth of April, and the tenth of July. Trigger Day Traditions The eighth of April is problematic, because it happens … Continue reading

Honoring My Father’s Memory by Pursuing My Passions

By Rachel Levitin Memories, both bitter and sweet, find a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect them too. My commute home from work every day reminds me how silly my friends and I were in college for never realizing that there was a bus right in front of our apartment that … Continue reading

Love of an Oppa

By  Krystal Jeong As I was winding down from a stressful day of horrible office politics that crossed the line of race and had me smack in the middle, I heard a few songs that never cease to make me think of my Oppa – THE Oppa. Don’t know how much I want to go … Continue reading

Remembering My Father

Maggie lost her father in June of 2010. Full discloser, she is also one of my best friends. Since the passing of her father, we’ve spent a lot of time talking and sorting out the feelings that come along with significant loss. Maggie told me when she drew this picture that she starting crying, and … Continue reading

Wherever You Are (You’re Still An Angel)

I’m proud to announce we have a very first song submission from one of our Trauma to Art writers, Casey B. aka Shady Wilbury (Tell My Story: Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friend by Casey B.). Casey lost her friend Chris in 2007. A song to honor a friend’s memory. This excerpt was taken … Continue reading

How do we remember the people we’ve lost?

Sketch of my family

Last night I had the privilege of giving a presentation about a non-profit that I am starting called The Alice Muscarella Foundation. TAMF Mission: To support those who have experienced loss by facilitating their artistic expression. The underlying mission is to honor the memory of my mother. After you figure out what your intense grief … Continue reading