Mom Art Workshop March 22 at MassArt

Mom Art Workshop

What MOM Art Workshop: Learn to Paint + the Art of Haiku Where Massachusetts College of Art and Design 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA (edit map) North Hall Room 181 The Event Catalyst! Julie Chen, an artist and MassArt student, is curating a Mom-inspired art show for the week of Mother’s Day. She has graciously volunteered her time and space in her show … Continue reading

August Topic: Make Beautiful Music Part of Your Life

Belmont Golf Course

Let’s make a collage of music that makes us feel happiness, strength, love, gratitude, joy! Last month t2a contributor Casey B. wrote a piece called Music & Grieving about the power of making beautiful music a part of navigating our individual paths through loss. Additionally the post expounded upon music’s ability to positively enhance our … Continue reading

Music and Grieving

Written by Lauren Muscarella t2a contributor Casey B. (Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friendship) writes about the benefits of making beautiful music a part of everyday life especially when it comes to dealing with hardship. (Aside: Casey’s t2a articles & blog Navigating Cyberloss. Casey’s blog has a great community of people talking about music that … Continue reading

June Topic: On Euphemisms for Death


Picture by Jennifer Noveck. By Lauren Muscarella Part of my inspiration for starting Trauma to Art came from how our society views death and dying. In most cases it is largely ignored. People do not receive much paid time off, if any, after experiencing a death. The topic is taboo and for the most part … Continue reading

A Tattoo to Remember the Virginia Tech Shooting

t2a contributor and enthusiastic creative Amanda Heptinstall had the unique task of drawing a memorial tattoo for her friend and Virginia Tech Alum, BJ. We all remember the sensationalized coverage of the VT shooting. All of that ‘coverage’ overshadows and eventually buries a tragedy like this one. It was comforting to learn that the VT … Continue reading

May’s Topic: Post-loss Revelations

May's topic

Post-loss Revelations by Tara Shlimowitz.

A Non-Artist’s Art

By Lauren Muscarella When you go to a university to study art, you are tasked with accurately depicting what you see in every medium. You must train your eye to see what is really there and not what it “knows” is there. Staring at an object and trying to draw it can be revelatory experience. You … Continue reading

Trauma to Art at Work in Film

I watched Rodrigo Garcia’s film Mother and Child last night. The movie is a beautiful, yet heartbreaking, vivisection of the mother-daughter relationship. It’s also a ‘Trauma to Art’ supporter. In it, Annette Benning’s character, a 50-something woman mourning the loss of a child she gave up for adoption at the age of 14, writes about … Continue reading

Let’s Hear Those Rhymes. March is Poetry Month!

A Poem

This month Trauma to Art is focusing on poetry. Currently I am in New York for a workshop and to see some amazing friends. While sitting in a cramped Starbucks on W 35th and 8th, I purchased this poem from a gentleman with a very compelling sales pitch: “Does anyone have a quarter for a … Continue reading

How do we remember the people we’ve lost?

Sketch of my family

Last night I had the privilege of giving a presentation about a non-profit that I am starting called The Alice Muscarella Foundation. TAMF Mission: To support those who have experienced loss by facilitating their artistic expression. The underlying mission is to honor the memory of my mother. After you figure out what your intense grief … Continue reading