Hitting the Road: T2A Writer’s Upcoming Tour

Yesterday I received a delightfully rare request, “Let’s chat, make beautiful magic happen, and inspire people.” The request came from t2a contributor and friend Rachel Levitin, who has an upcoming tour taking her from VA to IL to MN and back again over Thanksgiving’s celebration. We believe the best way to honor the people we’ve … Continue reading

Staying Happy & Healthy Through Grief

Being Healthy Through Grief

In The Role of Health through Grief, t2a contributor Rachel Levitin chronicles her health and wellness path after her father’s death. Her piece is brutally honest and inventively hopeful. This line, “What works for me might not work for anyone else. But maybe what I tried can help you generate a few ideas of your own,” inspired this month’s topic: … Continue reading

The Role of Health Through Grief

By Rachel Levitin If your mental and emotional health takes a major hit, as they tend to during times of grief, it’s likely that your physical health will feel that hurt too. I speak from experience when saying that it’s not only possible but probable. My physical health declined while dealing with the initial sting of … Continue reading

The Race to Donate Life: A Tribute to My Father

By Rachel Levitin Last month Rachel wrote a great piece, A Way to Stay Healthy and Give Back, where she shared how her father’s passing inspired her to live a healthier and more active life. Part of that motivated her to run the “Race to Donate Life.” Here is her follow-up, post-race piece. Last Saturday … Continue reading

Celebrating Mother’s Day Without My Father

By Rachel Levitin I woke up Sunday, May 8 knowing full well it was Mother’s Day. I knew the whole week. Somehow, though, I hadn’t managed to buy my mother a gift to celebrate the day. After my dad passed away, we all knew it was essential to send my mom a Mother’s Day gift. … Continue reading

A Way to Stay Healthy and Give Back

By Rachel Levitin Some people lose weight when stricken with grief. They can’t eat because of their constant state of depression. Their grief-ridden minds have stressed their body to a point where meals aren’t eaten on a regular basis and the recommended caloric diet isn’t met. I had the opposite problem the year that my … Continue reading

Monumental: The National Mall and Memories

The following is an excerpt Rachel Levitin wrote about a memory with her late father in Washington, D.C. The article first appeared on We Love DC, an awesome resource for Washingtonians featuring everything you need to know about our nation’s capital. My first physical encounter with the ivory American tower that is the Lincoln Memorial … Continue reading

Honoring My Father’s Memory by Pursuing My Passions

By Rachel Levitin Memories, both bitter and sweet, find a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect them too. My commute home from work every day reminds me how silly my friends and I were in college for never realizing that there was a bus right in front of our apartment that … Continue reading

Living in the Present, Letting Go of the Past

By Rachel Levitin [Rachel’s Tell My Story] Question: Did you have the opportunity to say and do everything you wanted to? Read the full November topic here. I saw my father struggle with some degree of illness every day for nearly 11 years. Even after receiving a heart transplant in 1999, that didn’t magically make … Continue reading