Day of the Dead Celebration!

Flan from Gustazo

Coming together for the Day of the Dead symbolizes our gratitude for one another and serves as an offering to ensure the people we’ve loved and lost are happy, cared for and remembered. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, those who observe the Day of the Dead will receive help from the spirits and benefit from … Continue reading

A Tattoo to Remember the Virginia Tech Shooting

t2a contributor and enthusiastic creative Amanda Heptinstall had the unique task of drawing a memorial tattoo for her friend and Virginia Tech Alum, BJ. We all remember the sensationalized coverage of the VT shooting. All of that ‘coverage’ overshadows and eventually buries a tragedy like this one. It was comforting to learn that the VT … Continue reading

May’s Topic: Post-loss Revelations

May's topic

Post-loss Revelations by Tara Shlimowitz.