Hitting the Road: T2A Writer’s Upcoming Tour

Yesterday I received a delightfully rare request, “Let’s chat, make beautiful magic happen, and inspire people.” The request came from t2a contributor and friend Rachel Levitin, who has an upcoming tour taking her from VA to IL to MN and back again over Thanksgiving’s celebration. We believe the best way to honor the people we’ve … Continue reading

August Topic: Make Beautiful Music Part of Your Life

Belmont Golf Course

Let’s make a collage of music that makes us feel happiness, strength, love, gratitude, joy! Last month t2a contributor Casey B. wrote a piece called Music & Grieving about the power of making beautiful music a part of navigating our individual paths through loss. Additionally the post expounded upon music’s ability to positively enhance our … Continue reading

Music and Grieving

Written by Lauren Muscarella t2a contributor Casey B. (Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friendship) writes about the benefits of making beautiful music a part of everyday life especially when it comes to dealing with hardship. (Aside: Casey’s t2a articles & blog Navigating Cyberloss. Casey’s blog has a great community of people talking about music that … Continue reading

The Song Becomes the Prayer: Commemorating a Dear Friend with Music

By Casey B. Each of us has some degree of choice in the way we spend our trigger dates. As I’ve written before, (Casey B.’s Tell My Story) there are two major ones for me: the eighth of April, and the tenth of July. Trigger Day Traditions The eighth of April is problematic, because it happens … Continue reading

Wherever You Are (You’re Still An Angel)

I’m proud to announce we have a very first song submission from one of our Trauma to Art writers, Casey B. aka Shady Wilbury (Tell My Story: Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friend by Casey B.). Casey lost her friend Chris in 2007. A song to honor a friend’s memory. This excerpt was taken … Continue reading