Loss – A Poem

Heart breaking Twisting Shattering Smashing Into A million pieces I try To fix myself But it’s not The same Tabitha Jayne is the founder of “Transform Grief. Live Fully. Thrive Loss” coaching and workshops which help busy professionals reduce the stress of bereavement in already stressful lives and create happier, healthier, more meaningful lives in … Continue reading

Love – A Poem

By Tabitha Jayne If you love something You let it go. If it comes back then You know it is for you. Even death is no barrier. I stood and let you go Knowing that physically It would be final. Yet it is not. Still you are here. Comforting me When I am at my … Continue reading

On the Other Side

By Tabitha Jayne I see you looking at me Like I´m looking at you. We are both uncertain, Unsure what to say. I want you to acknowledge That my world´s upside down. I want you to recognise The pain that´s inside. I want to scream out, I want to cry. But the moments been lost, … Continue reading

Family Bonds – A Poem

By Tabitha Jayne You are my brother and always will be Not even death can take that away from me. The love we share is everlasting A bond that can never be broken. I hate saying I miss you but It´s true. Every day. The fights, the chats, the small things Mean even more now … Continue reading

My Grief – A Poem

This feeling burns inside my veins Raging like an ice cold fire. It consumes every fibre of my entire being Coursing through my thoughts as a panther stalks its victim. It hides behind a smile and a laugh Yet always there waiting, silently building strength. As days go by the intensity grows Time should heal … Continue reading

Six Weeks – A Poem

By Tabitha Jayne Six weeks, four hours and 14 minutes ago My bloody little brother had to go His time was up, cut briefly short By some cruel twist of fate. To comprehend I never will The reasoning behind it all. The pain it causes cuts so deep And although I try I cannot weep. … Continue reading