May’s Topic: Post-loss Revelations

May's topic

Post-loss Revelations by Tara Shlimowitz.

Post-Loss Revelations

By Tara Shlimowitz Getting older is underrated. Well, maybe not every aspect. But time and experience allow a person to appreciate and understand more. Take, for example, my recent encounter with some home videos from my childhood. At my request, my mom found and passed along three JVC camcorder tapes, which my kind and tech-savvy … Continue reading

December 2010 Topic: Taking Care of Yourself

December Topic 2010

I’ll start. One of the hardest aspects of loss for me has been concern for my family’s well being. I moved back to Massachusetts thinking my presence would somehow work miracles and everyone would be smiling like a Hallmark movie about Santa Claus. I realized no matter how much I did or how guilty I … Continue reading

Opportunities to Rebuild Your Strength

By Tara Shlimowitz Question: Did you have the opportunity to say and do everything you wanted to? Read the full November topic here. Answer: Those who can answer “yes” are certainly in the lucky minority. We all will undoubtedly lose someone close to us who we wish to have more time with. More time to talk, … Continue reading

Losing My Father at 9 Years Old

By Tara Shlimowitz I wasn’t an aspiring writer back then. The eulogy I clutched in my sweaty palm included lines like, “He taught me how to ride my bike” and “He used to play catch with me.” I liked playing catch with him. But that’s not the point. I was admirably stoic for a 9-year-old … Continue reading