Love of an Oppa

By  Krystal Jeong As I was winding down from a stressful day of horrible office politics that crossed the line of race and had me smack in the middle, I heard a few songs that never cease to make me think of my Oppa – THE Oppa. Don’t know how much I want to go … Continue reading

Getting By With a Little Help From Our Friends

By Rachel Levitin [Rachel’s Tell My Story] There’s a saying that, “The universe works in mysterious ways.” I like to believe that’s true. Even when faced with personal despair and utter tragedy, it would be foolish to try and run away from what the universe has in-store. You can’t change what happened in your past. … Continue reading

My Mother Never Lost Her Sense of Humor

By Matt Schmidt The hospital room is just like any other—white, white, and then some more white. Wires and tubes hang from the wall. Weird beeping noises persist. Some instrumental music plays on a small TV. I never understand why they couldn’t spice things up a bit to make rooms a little more comforting. Add … Continue reading

Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friendship

By Casey B. February 25, 2006 is a day I’ll never forget. It marks what would have been George Harrison’s 63rd birthday and the day I met someone who would become a dear friend. While celebrating the event online with other members of the official forum, I met Chris Thomas. She was Argentinean and she … Continue reading

Dealing with Teen Suicide by Making a Difference

By Amanda Heptinstall There is one day in my life that I remember better than any other day.  The fifteenth of June in the year 2000 will forever be engraved in my mind as the day that my entire life changed.  I remember my next door neighbor, Carly, abruptly waking me up.  She kept repeating “Shane’s … Continue reading

Honoring My Father’s Memory with Song

By Rachel Levitin One of my biggest personal faults is my inability to express how I feel within the scope of a simple sentence. In essence, I’m a sucker for a grand gesture. To me, a grand gesture is greater than a one-liner. To wear a metaphorical sign on your chest while screaming at the … Continue reading

Losing My Father at 9 Years Old

By Tara Shlimowitz I wasn’t an aspiring writer back then. The eulogy I clutched in my sweaty palm included lines like, “He taught me how to ride my bike” and “He used to play catch with me.” I liked playing catch with him. But that’s not the point. I was admirably stoic for a 9-year-old … Continue reading