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August Topic: Make Beautiful Music Part of Your Life

Let’s make a collage of music that makes us feel happiness, strength, love, gratitude, joy! Last month t2a contributor Casey B. wrote a piece called Music & Grieving about the power of making beautiful music a part of navigating our individual paths through loss. Additionally the post expounded upon music’s ability to positively enhance our … Continue reading

Music and Grieving

Written by Lauren Muscarella t2a contributor Casey B. (Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friendship) writes about the benefits of making beautiful music a part of everyday life especially when it comes to dealing with hardship. (Aside: Casey’s t2a articles & blog Navigating Cyberloss. Casey’s blog has a great community of people talking about music that … Continue reading

Losing My Mother, Then My Baby

This is a very special post from a thoughtful contributor who lost her mother at 19 then years later faced the hard decision to terminate a pregnancy after doctors found that the baby had a third chromosome, a deadly Trisomy 13. Her story touched me because of her bravery and candor. Please read this post with … Continue reading

Enter Our Poetry Contest with Heartache to Healing

This July Trauma to Art is teaming up with Heartache to Healing for a poetry contest. For many of us there are several hurdles between inspired ideas and putting pen to paper. The first barrier perhaps is writing something we are proud of and something that means something to us. When I wrote the poem below (and … Continue reading

Globalization of Love Ambassador Maggie Sylva

5 things I am grateful for: ° I am most grateful for my husband, a person who I look up to more than anyone else. ° I am grateful for the family and friends that have loved and supported me, no matter what throughout my life. ° I am grateful to have gotten to know my Dad as … Continue reading


June Topic: On Euphemisms for Death

Picture by Jennifer Noveck. By Lauren Muscarella Part of my inspiration for starting Trauma to Art came from how our society views death and dying. In most cases it is largely ignored. People do not receive much paid time off, if any, after experiencing a death. The topic is taboo and for the most part … Continue reading

Globalization of Love Ambassador Shelley Seyler

5 things I am grateful for: ° my amazing, incredible, and supportive friends and family ° the opportunity to leave this world a better place than when I came in it. ° the opportunity to be a lawyer. ° the ability to see the light in the dark. ° my sense of humor. Life aspirations: ° to be a … Continue reading

The Race to Donate Life: A Tribute to My Father

By Rachel Levitin Last month Rachel wrote a great piece, A Way to Stay Healthy and Give Back, where she shared how her father’s passing inspired her to live a healthier and more active life. Part of that motivated her to run the “Race to Donate Life.” Here is her follow-up, post-race piece. Last Saturday … Continue reading

Celebrating Mother’s Day Without My Father

By Rachel Levitin I woke up Sunday, May 8 knowing full well it was Mother’s Day. I knew the whole week. Somehow, though, I hadn’t managed to buy my mother a gift to celebrate the day. After my dad passed away, we all knew it was essential to send my mom a Mother’s Day gift. … Continue reading

A Tattoo to Remember the Virginia Tech Shooting

t2a contributor and enthusiastic creative Amanda Heptinstall had the unique task of drawing a memorial tattoo for her friend and Virginia Tech Alum, BJ. We all remember the sensationalized coverage of the VT shooting. All of that ‘coverage’ overshadows and eventually buries a tragedy like this one. It was comforting to learn that the VT … Continue reading