The Role of Health Through Grief

By Rachel Levitin If your mental and emotional health takes a major hit, as they tend to during times of grief, it’s likely that your physical health will feel that hurt too. I speak from experience when saying that it’s not only possible but probable. My physical health declined while dealing with the initial sting of … Continue reading

Wherever You Are (You’re Still An Angel)

I’m proud to announce we have a very first song submission from one of our Trauma to Art writers, Casey B. aka Shady Wilbury (Tell My Story: Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friend by Casey B.). Casey lost her friend Chris in 2007. A song to honor a friend’s memory. This excerpt was taken … Continue reading

Dealing with the Loss of an Online Friendship

By Casey B. February 25, 2006 is a day I’ll never forget. It marks what would have been George Harrison’s 63rd birthday and the day I met someone who would become a dear friend. While celebrating the event online with other members of the official forum, I met Chris Thomas. She was Argentinean and she … Continue reading

Living in the Present, Letting Go of the Past

By Rachel Levitin [Rachel’s Tell My Story] Question: Did you have the opportunity to say and do everything you wanted to? Read the full November topic here. I saw my father struggle with some degree of illness every day for nearly 11 years. Even after receiving a heart transplant in 1999, that didn’t magically make … Continue reading

Dealing with Teen Suicide by Making a Difference

By Amanda Heptinstall There is one day in my life that I remember better than any other day.  The fifteenth of June in the year 2000 will forever be engraved in my mind as the day that my entire life changed.  I remember my next door neighbor, Carly, abruptly waking me up.  She kept repeating “Shane’s … Continue reading