Topic of the Month

On the first of every month Trauma to Art posts a topic related to discuss aspect of grief in society. All of our topics come from Trauma to Art’ers. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to us in the comment section below or email us.

September 2011 Staying Happy & Healthy Through Grief

August 2011 Make Beautiful Music Part of Your Life

July 2011 Poetry Content with Heartache for Healing

June 2011 On Euphemisms for Death

May 2011 Post-loss Revelations

April 2011 Drawing’s Healing Properties

March 2011 Let’s Hear Those Rhymes: Poetry Month

February 2011 How do we remember the people we’ve lost?

January 2011 Does Grieving End?

December 2010 Taking Care of Yourself

November 2010 Regret

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